Surfboard CNC Cutter Super Coat: 110mm

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CNC Cutter Super Coat 110mm
Cutter + Shaft Dimensions: 3.93" (110mm)
Cutter Head Dimensions: 1.09" (27.8mm) Diameter x 2.95"(75mm) Length
Shaft/Shank Dimensions: 0.5" (12.7mm) Diameter x 1.35" (34.5mm) Length
Radius: “ (mm)

The CNC Cutters Super Coat (110, 120, 140mm) was designed with surfboard machine manufacture APS300, these cutters are designed for surfboard machinists that require a interchange tools for precise CNC cuts.

All Cutters designed by Shapers Australia® are precision machined (CNC Machined) using the highest quality material and coated with Super Grit®; the most effective coating available for surfboard manufacturing (Polyurethane foam and Polystyrene foam). All of Shapers Australia’s Cutters are dynamically balanced to ensure they are perfectly weighted and operate in the most efficient and effective manner.