10 In The Bay

We ask Surfboard Shapers 10 Questions in our all new web series '10 in the Bay'.

Episode 7 - We sit down and have a chat to Mark Cormack aka MadChook from Madhouse Glassing Co. MadChooks got a keen eye for colour and is a precision craftsmen. We talk to him about how he got his start in surfboard glassing & where he draws his inspiration from to create some seriously stunning surfboards!

Episode 7 - Mad Chook - Madhouse Glassing Co.

Episode 6 - Steve Del Rosso - CW Surfboards

Episode 5 - Stuart D'Arcy - D'Arcy Surfboards

Episode 4 - Dale Wilson - Byrning Spears

Episode 3 - Dylan Surfboards

Episode 2 - Hammo Surfboards

Episode 1 - Britt Merrick