Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets

Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets

Our Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets are great for Sanding and Finishing of Foam (EPS, EXP, PU), sanding and finishing of Resins (Polyester, Epoxy), Sanding and Finishing of primers, paints and lacquers. Our Surfboard Sanding Sheets are the choice of industry professionals. Sizes are cut 230 x 280mm and come in packs of 50 per grit.

Use 320-400# Sandpaper for truing the glass job and smoothing out any scratches on the foam.

Use 600-2000# for the very last step in sanding the board, the higher grade abrasives are designed to create a polish finish and smooth out any last imperfections.

  • SIA WAT Wet and Dry Sheets

    SIA WAT Wet and Dry Sheets

    Norton ® WET & DRY Sheets Sheets Shapers Choice - Quality Dry Free Cut 230 x 280mm. Comes in packs of 50 per grit. PREMIUM QUALITY. Please select grit grade from the drop down list on the right. Features: The Tufbak Durite Waterproof T402.…