• Microfibre/Gap 413 Filler Powder

    Microfibre/Gap 413 Filler Powder

    Microspheres 413 is an equal substitute to QCells. Used as a gap filler, thickener agent for polyester and epoxy resin or strengthens (re-enforces) fin plug installation. Usage Guidelines: Required resin amount and MEKP Hardener or Sunbake Solar.…

    $11.95 - $124.38
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    EPS 411 Foam Sealer

    EPS 411 Foam Sealer

    The 411 Microsphere Blend is a low density filler used as a thickening agent with Epoxy Resin to create a lightweight filling putty that is used to seal the blank in preparation of glassing. Provided in a powder form, Microsphere...

    $34.34 - $135.50