• Sunbake Additive - Powder

    Sunbake Additive - Powder

    Sunbake® is a technologically advanced catalyst activated by Ultraviolet Light (UV). Specifically formulated for tough, bright polyester SURFBOARD laminating. Sunbake is ideal for surfboard construction as it creates a much stronger and…

    $14.95 - $835.00
  • Acetone


    Acetone is the industry standard solvent for cleaning or removing resin off tools, brushes and the laminating process. Sold in 1L, 4L and 20L quantities.

    $24.95 - $145.00
  • Styrene Monomer
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    Styrene Monomer

    Styrene Monomer is the industry recommended thinning agent for polyester resin and gel coats.  The addition of styrene monomer can reduce physical properties and effect cure times.

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  • Wax In Styrene

    Wax In Styrene

    Wax in Styrene - 1 Litre. Mixed with Surfboard Laminate Resin to make Filler Resin Coat. Wax in Styrene is designed to form an air-tight layer on the surface of a resin and thus effect curing. To achieve full cure of the final coat wax solution is a…

    $16.50 - $259.75