Surfboard Deign and Shapes

11th Jun 2015

Surfboard Deign and Shapes

The shortboard (also known as the thruster) is the most popular type of surfboard design, it’s used to perform quick maneuvers on waves. They are light and are easy to negotiate through the impact zone, as all areas of the board are narrowed down. The size of these shortboards is generally from around 5’8” to 6’10”.


Fish surfboards are great for surfing small waves as these boards are usually shorter but wider and thicker. They generally have a swallow tail design and a 2, 3 or 4 fin setup. They move quickly over flat sections of the wave while you are surfing and are easy to manoeuvre. Fish ride really smooth, look great and are a must-have for any surfer who spends a lot of time in the water over summer!

Retro fish - the old school twin fin with large side fins and deep swallow tail. These cruise over the flattest section and are loads of fun.

Quad fish - the four fin setup, sometimes with a fifth fin plug to turn them into a thruster. The fastest of all the fish!

Tri-fin fish – or the standard fish. Every surfer should have one as their all round board, the three fin set-up is stable in all conditions.

General guide for choosing a fish surfboard – intermediate to advanced surfers normally ride a fish that is up to 4-inches shorter than their normal surfboard.

Mini MalMini

Mal surfboards are perfect for the person who likes the feel of a longboard but wants more maneuverability. Easier to carry and manage out in the water but with all the surfing ease of a longboard. Great for kids and smaller adults looking for a great beginners board or the experienced longboarder needing something more maneuverable.


The longboard or malibu surfboard is a modern replica of what the sport was started on. Paddle into what ever you want and hang ten all the way to the beach. Among the most popular boards in the water and for good reason, easy to start on and always fun.