• SIA 8" Speed Disc

    SIA 8" Speed Disc

    Superior Abrasive for Sanding Surfboard Glass Jobs. The SIA abrasive range is a high performance abrasive due the SIA's patient innovative abrasive structure and very high quality materials. The ingenious stearate coating greatly reduces jamming…

  • 8" Shapers Sanding Pad Shapers 8" Soft Pad

    8" Shapers Sanding Pad

    The 8" Pads are used for sanding Shortboards, Longboards and Stand Up Paddle Boads.  The pads come with either a 14mm thread (which is used in Australia and majority around the world) and 5/8" thread (which is used predominately in the Americans…

    £25.7697 - £26.0040