7 Band Basalt Hybrid 65mm 50m Roll

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Width: 65mm | 2.55”Colour: Brown to Dark Grey once wet out  Basalt Hybrid Tape Basalt Surfboard Hybrid Tape uses Shapers E-Glass surfboard glass and Basalt fibres. Basalt fibres are made from crushed…

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Width: 65mm | 2.55”
Colour: Brown to Dark Grey once wet out

 Basalt Hybrid Tape

Basalt Surfboard Hybrid Tape uses Shapers E-Glass surfboard glass and Basalt fibres. Basalt fibres are made from crushed Basalt rocks, which is one of the most commonly found volcanic rock in low to mid lining coast areas. Basalt in considered as an environmentally friendly product, as there no other materials required manufacture and does not need to be treated like other fibres. The manufacturing process is simple, Basalt is sourced, then washed, crushed, melted and then extruded into fibres.


Flex Properties similar to S-Glass with higher Impact Strength

High Impact Resistance 

High Tensile Strength

Increases Tail Strength

Naturally UV Resistant 

Enhanced wet out ability with resin

Doesn’t em-brittle under high speed impact

Amazing strength-to-weight ratio

Basalt is a great alternative for manufactures that want more tail flex without compromising the natural flex of the foam, also with out loosing integrity of impact and tensile strength. 

Industry Uses:

Back Rails 

Manufactures place the Basalt Hybrid Tapes on the back rail of surfboards to prevent the tails from shattering and strengthening the deck from foot compression's.

Bottom of the board 

The Basalt Hybrid Tapes are also used on the bottom of the surfboards to create additional spring or pop out of the board. This is known as a kinetic flex, as the board is place under pressure while in transition, during or out of a turn the board springs back to its natural curvature and delivers additional speed.

Full Rail of the board 

The Basalt Hybrid Tapes are often used along the full length of the surfboard rail with stringer-less surfboards. This is to add additional strength or to replace the strength that a timber stringer would provide, therefore creating a Parabolic Frame. The Parabolic Frame helps prevent the board from twisting which increases the liveliness/responsiveness, this also creates a parabolic flex pattern that allows to board to deliver more drive, speed and power.


The Basalt Hybrid Tapes are used during the lamination process. The tapes are place on the foam before the cloth is laminated. Most manufactures mark the area they wish to place the Basalt Hybrid Tapes, and brush a small amount of resin on the foam (to prevent to the Basalt Hybrid Tapes from moving). The Basalt Hybrid Tapes are then placed on the resin (making sure the resin has soaked through) and then continue to lay the cloth over the board and laminate as normal. 

Resin Compatibility: 

The Basalt Hybrid Tapes are compatible with both Epoxy and Polyester Resin.


7 Band Basalt Hybrid 65mm 50m Roll

7 Band Basalt Hybrid 65mm 50m Roll

MSRP: $2.40 - $179.00
$1.95 - $92.70 (Inc. GST)
MSRP: $2.18 - $162.73
$1.77 - $84.27 (Ex. GST)
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