4OZ 27" EXO-GLASS® Surfboard Fibreglass

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4OZ Cloth

27" Wide x 100 Meters

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Shapers Australia is proud to release EXO GLASS, a worlds first in performance enhancing fibrelgass developed by our specialised Shapers Composite division. EXO Glass is a worlds first and has been specifically engineered to strike an optimal balance between strength, flex and performance.

EXO GLASS is a unique hybrid blend of high tensile S2 Glass and E-Glass yarn (named EXO GLASS) woven as a 4Oz weighted cloth. The hybrid blend of S2 Glass and E-Glass creates a superior exoskeleton, that increases the inter-laminar shear, tensile and compressive strength properties.

There is a genuine need in the surfboard manufacturing industry for advanced fibreglass solutions that are cost-effective and compatible with existing production facilities.

Workability, impregnation and clarity are also all industry specific and demand a product that is built specifically for surfboards. Increasing strength to weight ratio whilst achieving performance driven flex properties are natural, progressive demands of modern day surfing.

EXO GLASS is the solution to all of these demands.

Sold as one meter units (continuous cuts).
Please note, the amount of cloth quantity ordered will be cut as one continues length. For example if 10 quantities is ordered, you will receive one continues roll cut length of cloth and not 10 individual 1m lengths 

A worlds first, New Generation Composite.
Superior Tensile Strength.
Engineered to Deliver Flex Based Performance.
Lighter. Stronger. More Durable.
Ultra Clear Laminations.
Innovative & Advanced Scheduling Options.
EXO GLASS is a product of Shapers and is covered by an innovation patented technology #2019100757.

Please note: Performance may vary on a finished products due to blanks used & laminating techniques. Statistics
are based on laminated UD panels and epoxy laminated surfboards.