4" Carbon Bi-Axial Tape

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Product Description

Width: 100mm | 4” 
Colour: Plan/Clear (No Colour Trace)

Quad Axial Cloth

The construction of Quad Axial weaves comprises multiple layer of E-Cloth twined on a 45 degree angle (cross weave), as well of E-Cloth twine on a 90 and 180 degree angles. This construction offers the highest levels of structural lamination, with the maximum strength-weight ratio and stiffness-weight ratio. 

The Quad Axial cloth properties included highest levels of Impact Resistance, Fatigue Resistance and Structural Durability. For these reasons the Quad Axel Cloth is commonly use with stringerless EPS surfboards to improve the core strength of the foam and improve the structural sturdiness. The Quad Axial cloth is also used for strengthening the rails and tail area of surfboards, the area’s most affected by high impact and back foot pressure.

This unique construction of the Quad Axial cloth creates an X pattern on the rail of the board. Which is one of the reason it offers the structural properties, which creates a livelier feel, quicker tail rocker rebound flex and maximum rail control. The X pattern construction properities of the Quad Axial creates a unique flex pattern that optimising a kinetic flex memory; which amasses energy and then releases it, delivering extra acceleration and drive during transitions (in and out of turns). 

Carbon Quad Axial

The Carbon Quad Axial cloth has a woven non-crimp 3K Carbon flat-tow twine. The carbon has be infused in the cloths X Pattern to increase the strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratio, while adding the benefits of carbon (high impact strength) and increase flex rates.


Industry Uses:

Back Rails 
Manufactures place Carbon Quad Axial Tapes on the back rail of surfboards to prevent the tails from shattering and strengthening the deck from foot compressions.

Bottom of the board 
The Carbon Quad Axial Tapes are also used on the bottom of the surfboards to create additional spring or pop out of the board. This is know as a kinetic flex, as the board is place under pressure while in transition, during or out of a turn the board springs back to its natural curvature and delivers additional speed.

Full Rail of the board 
The Carbon Quad Axial Tapes are often used along the full length of the surfboard rail with stringerless surfboards. This is to add additional strength or to replace the strength that a timber stringer would provide, therefore creating a Parabolic Frame. The Parabolic Frame helps prevents the board from twisting which increases the liveliness/responsiveness, this also creates a parabolic flex pattern that allows to board to deliver more drive, speed and power.

Lay-ups: The Carbon Quad Axial is used during the lamination process. The tapes are place on the foam before the cloth is laminated. Most manufactures mark the area they wish to place the Carbon Quad Axial Tapes, and brush a small amount of resin on the foam (to prevent to the Carbon Quad Axel Tapes from moving). The Carbon Quad Axial Tapes are then placed on the resin (making sure the resin has soaked through) and then continue to lay the cloth over the board and laminate as normal. 

Resin Compatibility:

The Carbon Quad Axial Tape are compatible with both Epoxy and Polyester Resin.


Superior weight-to-strength ratio

When laminating rails the cloth bends to curved edges and will not fold or kink when wrapping 

Carbon Quad Axial cloth also uses a unique blend of E-Cloth to ensure minimal amount of resin absorption 

Suitable for hand lay-ups, vacuum bagging, vacuum injection and other RTM-processes 

Superior flex memory properties 

Advanced strength, durability, compression and impact properties

Common Glassing Construction Methods for Top/Deck Layers 

(please note: These are suggestions and guidelines only)

PU Competition Boards: 1 Layer of Shapers 4Oz Carbon Quad Axial Cloth
Insert / Shapers 2Oz Surfboard Cloth

PU Standard Weight Boards: Layer of Carbon Quad Axial Cloth Insert / 1 Layer of Shapers 4Oz Surfboard Cloth 

PU Big Wave Boards: 1 (or 2) Layer of Shapers Carbon Quad Axial Cloth Insert / 1 (or 2) Layer of Shapers 4Oz Surfboard Cloth

EPS Comp-Light Boards: 1 Layer of Shapers Carbon Quad Axial Cloth Insert / 1 (or 2) Layer of Shapers 4Oz Surfboard Cloth 

EPS Standards Boards: 1 Layer of Shapers Carbon Quad Axial Cloth Insert / 1 Layer of 6Oz Surfboard Cloth (and or) 1 Layer of 4Oz Surfboard Cloth

Shapers Quad-Axial Surfboard Cloth Specs:

Width 25” x 4Oz (135grams).

Please note that the fibers running vertically stay visual (as third photo)