Shapers Block: Soft/Medium

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Shapers Block: Soft/Medium

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Designed and manufactured by Shapers Australia; The Shapers Blocks are widely considered as the Industry Standard, used by Surfboard Shapers all over the globe. 

The Soft-Medium Block has a dual foam density. Soft on the bottom and a medium on the top, using a denser foam on the top allows for a sturdier grip.

The Shapers Blocks are superior to traditional shaping blocks with the major benefits including:

  • Light, practical and comfortable designs

  • Supplied in 8 different foam densities to suit each stage of surfboard shaping (soft, soft/medium, medium no vinyl, medium, medium/hard, hard, extra hard and curved densities)

  • All of our Shapers Blocks are manufactured in Australia using quality, long lasting material

  • Complete range of interchangeable hook&loop compatible Sanding Sheets and Gauzes

  • Significant saving in labour time - fast interchange of hook&loop backing

 Which Density do you need? 
1. Soft Density: Ideal for rolling off decks, shaping rails and finer finishing. Recommended for use with The Shapers Block Sanding Sheets or Gauzes in 150#, 180# and 240#
2. Medium Density: Excellent all-round Shaping Block. Whilst suitable with all grades, most commonly used with 80# and 120#. 
3. Hard Density: Ideal for the fast and effective removal of foam and therefore recommended for use with 36#, 40# and 60#. For those shaping Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene, 36# is very effective.