Microplane RASP Round: Small

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The Microplane RASP Round small is an excellent tool for shaping swallowtails. It does not tear the foam or wood. Instead, it leaves a clean, smooth finish. The handle design allows reversing the blade to cut when pulling or pushing.

Product Details

  • Blade Dimensions: 3 3/8" x 0.32" x 0.32"
  • Each shaper creates small shavings instead of dust for a healthier work environment.
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Materials: Blade made of 400 series stainless steel. Plastic Handle.

Microplane blades have a shaving effect on both wood and foam. They are smooth enough to be used for flattening and finishing and do not cause chipping when working against the grain of the wood stringer. The Flat and Round Blade makes shaping the likes of Surboard Swallow Tails, Flyers, Wings and other tight areas an easy (Ideal for PU, EPS or XPS Foam)

Product Details

  1. Stainless steel  razor sharpe pull or push blade
  2. Cuts 10 times faster with less effort than standard SURFORM blades
  3. Shaves without creating dust
  4. Excellent on timber stringers and shaping of foam without ripping.
  5. Ideal for shaping rails, nose and tails
  6. Made from hardened stainless steel
  7. Razor sharp non-clogging teeth

Razor-sharp, stainless steel Microplanes® allow for rapid smoothing and shaping of all surfboard foams. They are durable, non-clogging and rust-resistant. This is the latest generation of Microplane® hand tools. Snap-In tools with Replaceable, Reversible blade inserts which may be turned for use on the pull or push stroke. A completely new offset handle design adds increased versatility while combining a comfortable hand grip with a place to hold the tool at the end of the blade insert.