Surfboard Fibreglass Cloth

Shapers Surfboard Fiberglass is trusted and used by industry leading Surfboard Manufacturers throughout Australia and the world. Shapers specialist division, Shapers Composites Co., is 100% dedicated to developing the strongest, clearest, lightest and best performing fibreglass for Surfboards. 

Shapers E Glass is offered in 4oz and 6oz rolls in 27", 30", 42" and 50" widths. We offer cut to size custom lengths or full roll options. In addition Shapers was the first to create a worlds first Epoxy E-Glass for Surfboards, ensuring and even stronger bond between resin and fibreglass.

Shapers Fibreglass also weaves Volan, Innegra Rolls, Double Bias Cloth and unique surfboard hybrid options. Please contact us about the release of EXO.

Proudly researched and developed through our specialised composites division, Shapers Composites Co Ltd. Shapers Superior SX-GLASS has been specifically developed to give surfboard manufacturers the ability to make lighter, stronger surfboards than ever before.