We stock quality PU (Polyurethane) Shortboard Blanks, Longboard Blanks, and Fish Blanks. We have any Surfboard Blank you could ever need. Drop in-store and check out our range of Surfboard Blanks.

 Our  all new Shapers Super Fused EPS Surfboard Blanks are currently available in 2 models aimed at accommodating a wide range of performance shortboards, hybrids, fish boards and fun boards that can be efficiently shaped through both hand and machine shaping. These  Surfboard Blanks may be milled at a similar speed to PU pre-shapes. Please refer to Shapers Super Grit Routers and Wheels for optimizing CNC tooling.

Shapers Super Fused EPS  Surfboard Blanks utilize the latest in Expanded Polystyrene Technology. High density, ultra-lightweight, water-resistant, excellent adhesion to epoxy resin. Shapers 

Please refer to our Kinetic Epoxy Resin System, Shapers Fibreglass and Reinforcements Fabrics to cover all your glassing needs. Shapers also always stocks a large range of Australian PU Surfboard Blanks.