GLOBAL SERIES   Around the Globe with 3 Fin Sets!

Shapers Global Series consists of 3 complete fin set up’s that are specifically designed to suit the 3 most common styles of surfing and surf conditions: PIVOT (for vertical attack, tight arcs, quick transitions – beach breaks/barrels), CARVN (for speed, flow, sweeping carves – point breaks/open faces) and DRIVER (for drive, power, control – punchy, powerful surf). All 3 set-ups in the Shapers Global Series contain 6 fins for the combinational options of: Thruster, Quad and Quad+1 (Quad+Centre Drive Fin). Shapers Global Series is purpose built to give surfers the complete package to surf around the globe using performance Thruster templates and optimal rear fin combinations for Quads, as identified through our partnership with the worlds leading surfboard shapers and our elite global surf team.  The optional Quad+1 (Quad+Centre Drive Fin) is a unique and highly effective quad fin combo that gives a touch more hold and pivot without adding drag or hindering the free flowing feel of quads. With simply three fin packs, PIVOT, CARVN and DRIVER, surfers can now travel with a complete fin quiver that offers the solution for all surfers in all conditions.