SIA: 6" Velvet Air (Polishing) Disc

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New 6"Air Velvet Discs. This premium product is designed for wet sanding of surfboards, the Velvet Range can achieve a gloss shine from a filler (hot coat). The discs are foam padded with a superior abrasive that out lasts traditional abrasives. The Air Velvet Discs are used with water to give the finest possible finish with glassers generally getting around 8 - 10 surfboards per disc. Available in 6" hook&loop compatible with grits from 360# through to 2000#. Achieve a polish finish from the Velvet Air Discs range.

Recommended for use on 6" Soft hook-and-loop Pad or simply by hand (see hook&loop backing Hand Pad).

The SIA Air Technology:

  • Long lasting life
  • Low scratch depth
  • Foam core equalises application pressure
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Minimum clogging when sanding dry
  • Absorbs water
  • Resistant to silicon remover


Fast and Easy
With the SIA Fast Hook and Loop fastening system, the abrasives can easily be placed on the backing pad or on the hand-sander pad/block.

Cost Saving

The abrasives can be re-used several times, without risking and damages to the surfaces.

The well provenSIAFast Hook and Loop fastening system is re-applicable numerous times even in moist conditions.