Resin Pigment - Light Orange

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Resin Pigment - Light Orange

Colour: Light Orange

Shapers Resin Pigments - 100 Grams

Shapers Resin Pigments are to be added to laminating resin to make the resin opaque (non transparent). Always add pigments to resin before catalyst.

  • 100 grams with do two full boards (top and bottom) in a very thick colouring
  • White Pigment is used for colouring the resin around fin box, deck plugs and repairs
  • Pigments are non-translucent in cosmetics
  • Great for resins pigment designs. Such as: Deck Inlays, Marble Pigmenting, Full Pigment Colouring
  • Design specially for surfboard resins 
  • Can be used with Epoxy if kept under 10% mixing ratio (Please experiment with mixing ratios before glassing a surfboard) 

Please note: Colours will vary once added to resin and may differ to what is displayed as screen resolutions can distort colour.