Polyester Surfboard Laminating Resin

$19.52 - $124.23 (Inc. GST)
$17.75 - $112.94 (Ex. GST)
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The Hi-Lite Laminating Resin Formula is used by Australia's leading Surfboard Glassers.

  • Sold in 1L, 4L and 20L Drums
  • Laminating resin is used to 'Laminate' the fibreglass cloth to the foam blank
  • One of the clearest resins on the market
  • Being wax free it does not require sanding and will remain slightly tacky ensuring a good bond with the filler coat
  • The resin is formulated with a blue tint to enhance the whiteness of the board. Non blue tint resin will have a slight yellow tint and will brown off faster
  • Use with Wax Styrene to convert to a filler resin
  • Catalyst sold separate. Try Shapers "Sunbake Solar Resin Additive" to enhance the strength, user-friendliness, clarity of the resin and no time restrictions.