Non Woven Tapes

Shapers Ultra Fused Carbon is a product of using the highest grade carbon together with a engineered high strength webbing system, that is designed for bonding and increasing the interlaminar strength between foam and composites. The high strength web backing goes completely transparent when wet out with resin and is compatible with polyester and epoxy resins. 

The major benefit we were seeking with Shapers Ultra Fused Carbon was to create a product that could be laminated completely flat in prominent areas such as centre strips down the surfboard, increase tensile strength and not add weight. In other words, Shapers Fused Carbon does not leave a raised edge as some woven tapes and prevents resin build up, sand through and raised lumps in resin work created by some woven products.

Shapers Fused Carbon Tapes are commonly used to reinforce surfboards tensile strength over stringers and to add responsive flex and strengthening across centre area of surfboard decks and or bottoms (especially stringless boards).