Hybrid MB Small

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Hybrid MB Small


The MB Small is inspired by Matt Banting’s progressive and explosive approach to surfing. Designed for lighter weight surfers, the fins sweep and wide fin base provides drive and hold through sweeping turns, whilst the fins refined tips and smaller centre fin reduce drag, increase speed and provide fin release for new school moves. The MB’s are made with Shapers Carbon Hybrid Technology, a construction that creates a unique tension flex that loads up and then release energy out of turns with speed, power and commitment! The MB’s deliver on performance in all surf conditions.

Compatible with twin tab fin systems 
* Please note that each fin requires a grub screw to secure the back fin tab to the surfboards fin box
* Grub screws are provided with this product




Black / Orange


Size: Small: 45 - 60kgs / 100 - 130lbs 
Front Base: 111mm / 4.39”
Front Depth: 115mm / 4.53”
Front Sweep: 33 degrees
Front Foil: Flat
Rear Base: 109mm / 4.29”
Rear Depth: 111mm / 4.39”
Rear Sweep: 34 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50

S2 Fins are a Registered Design of Shapers®