Gun/Big Boys Complete Shaping Kit

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Complete Gun/Big Boys Shaping and Glassing Kit

We have hand picked a selection of the most common items to design, shape, glass, sand and surf your own board. The complete shaping kit has all the basic tool and materials need to shape, glass, sand and surf a board.

What is included in the Complete Shaping Kit:

  • Blank: All shortboard kits comes with a 7'2 Shortboard blank.
    If you would like a larger blank, selected the blank size option at the top of the page.
  • Fibreglass: This kit comes with 6-8m of 4Oz fibreglass (Depending on blank size)
  • Fin Plugs: Shapers Fin Plug X (8 x Rails and 2 x Centres)
  • CoreLite Thrsuter Set (Please select from the drop box option at the top of the page) 
  • Leash Plug
  • 2L Lamination Resin
  • 1L Filler Resin
  • 1L Acetone
  • 1L Microfibre
  • 2" 2308 High Temp Masking Tape
  • Resin Brushes (1 x 2" and 1 x 4")
  • Squeegee 
  • Dust Mask
  • Shapers Layout Square
  • Shapers Scissor Calipers 
  • Shapers Shaping Blocks x 3: Combination of a Soft, Medium and Hard 
    Asortment of Shapers Block Sanding Sheets (40#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#)
  • Microplane 8" Handle
  • Microplane 8" Flat Blade
  • Shapers Sanding Pads 7" x 3: Combination of a Combination of a Soft, Medium and Hard  
  • Asortment of 7" sanding discs (40#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#)
  • David Combi Plane
  • Flexi Gauze (80#, 120#, 180#)

Recommendation: The kit does not come with a Vapor Mask, the industry standard are respirators with conventional strap systems. The cradle suspension gives an even seal without creating pressure points, and helps prevent inhaling resin vapors. We endorse the North Silicone Half Mask 7700 Series.

Please note that the weight of this order is over 10kg. As part of our customer service policy, freight prices given are only an estimate and if there is any varitations for this order you will be emailed or phoned. This process ensures that you choose the best option, based on your location and desired delivery speed.