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Flow Thruster Fin Glass On Set

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Fin Description Speed, Power, Flow! Speedy, powerful down the line surfing, drives hard of the bottom, quick of the top, whips&nbs…

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Fin Description

Speed, Power, Flow! Speedy, powerful down the line surfing, drives hard of the bottom, quick of the top, whips through carves and cutbacks. Well suited to boards with medium to extreme rocker, this template promotes fast, responsive surfing with continuous flow. If the surfer likes to link multiple turns together (combo’s) whilst holding speed, then FLOW is a wise choice. Importantly, the S.P.F is more responsive than the typical raked fin which makes is easier to engage and direct and will therefore perform at all levels of surfing.


Large: 75-95kgs

Side Base: 119mm | 4.68"
Side Depth: 120mm | 4.72"
Side Sweep: 34.75°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 10,051.59mm² | 15.58"²

Flow Thruster Fin Glass On Set

Flow Thruster Fin Glass On Set

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