Fine Finishing Block - Round

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Fine Finishing block Round
- 230mm x 230mm x 50mm
- Multi direction finishing
- Added longevity to sandpaper
- Maximum comfort
- Designed in conjunction with master shaper, Stuart Darcy @darcysurfboards.
- Custom made for surfboard manufacturing using the highest quality of foam to combat the durability of use over time.
- The beaded foam (Top Side) allows for an easy and stable grip, that allows the shaper the scrub out the scratches with ease.
- Sanding Sheets sold separately here

 The Shapers Finishing Block in Round has been designed and perfected in collaboration with master shaper Stuart Darcy of Darcy Surfboards. The Shapers Finishing Blocks are the perfect tool for Sanding, dusting or screening the foam, scratches or imperfections. The Round Fine Finishing Block was created to make a more comfortable fine finishing block that would reduce hand cramping, and tension through from the hand to the shoulder. The round shape allows for effective multi-directional sanding which cuts down time and adds longevity to the FlexNet Sanding sheets.  A few words below from Darcy himself:

"A old Shapers dream thanks to the boys at @shapersmanufacturersco there always perfecting shaping tools . My hands have been cramping the last few years holding onto blocks ! So we came up with a round pad with easy change Velcro.
1. I’m not grabbing with tension from the hand or shoulder.
2. its multidirectional so you don’t need to change the sand paper as often.
3. From flat to curve easy transition.
4. It feels good under the hand amazing for finishing."

-Stuart Darcy