Epoxy Resin

Your one stop shop for the best Epoxy Resin systems on the market, Kinetix Epoxy. Kinetxi Epoxy REsin Systems gives surfbaord shapers the following benifits: Ultra White Mixes, Blends with Resin Tints and Pigments, Rapid Room Temperature Cure, Bloom-Free Finish, Excellent Adhesion to Polyester Filler Coats  and  Solvent Free .

We stock a complete range of Epoxy solutions including, Epoxy Laminating Kits, Epoxy Filler Kits, EPS Foam Sealer, Epoxy Hardeners, Rapid Cure Epoxy Repair Kits, and Eco Friendly Epoxy systems. If you need more information about our vast range of epoxy products, drop us a line or email us and we will be happy to talk you through it so you get the perfect product.