Carbon Tissue 600mm Wide

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Carbon Tissue is an highly advanced non-woven Carbon Fibres Veil incorporating Carbon Fibers (approx. 1" in length) bonded together in a random fiber matrix. This non-woven construction allows a resin-rich surface that increases chemical stability and reduces the risk of micro-cracks forming in the surface were the Carbon Tissue is laid.
Shapers promotes Carbon Tissue for use on both Polyester and Epoxy Surfboards, particularly popular for Surfboard Tail Patches or full Surface areas on other watercrafts.
An easy to laminate carbon composite (leaves a smooth finish) that is ultra-light, adding surface strength whilst not adding weight.
Highest grade quality, used by leading board brands.
Weight: 5oz./yard² (5oz is the most expensive of the Carbon Veils however it has clearly proven to be the ideal weight for Surfboard Construction)
Thickness: .0055”
Width: 600mm