6.5" + 3.6" Channel Islands Mid Fin- Dual Tab - Natural

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Fin Description

The CI Mid is a dedicated fin set for Mids (Middle Length or Egg influenced shapes). The CI Mid was colab with CI and SoCal surfer Devon Howard to custom build a 2 + 1 set that enhances mid-length’s high-performance characteristics, as well as proving to be versatile in a wide range of conditions with just a simple adjustment of the centre fin.

The CI Mid is a well-balanced template in terms of performance and stability, with full base and moderate rake. Which delivers a very responsive ride with just the right amount of hold and lift that helps you accelerate through turns and powerful rail surfing.

The CI Mid is in Shapers ProGlass construction, solid fibreglass panels which deliver a natural feel with a predictable flex pattern, that are purpose built for solid all round surfing.

The CI Mid 6.5” Centre Fin is pair with either 3.6” or 4” Side Fins:
• 3.6" side bites are designed for surfers 75kgs and under
• 4.0" side bites for are designed for surfers over 75kgs.

Fin Colour

Natural Fibreglass