2oz 30" Innegra Cloth

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Innegra is 30" Wide.

Innegra S Surfboard Fibre Cloth
Innegra S high performance fiber is the lightest fibre and toughest available fibre on the market, delivering superior toughness in a composite while at the same time reducing weight.

What is Innegra Fibre?
Innegra is a Polypropylene yarn which offers strength, flex and resistance properties that have not been seen in the mainstream consumer market. The Innegra fibre is approximately 7-10% void volume, making it the lightest high performance fibre available, the polypropylene is designed to work synergistically with Carbon, Glass Cloth to reinforce and improve the properties of composite systems. Innegra cloth is used as a replacement for glass fibre, aramid (Kevlar), carbon and other reinforcement composites, but offers a white clean cosmetic look. 

What is the hype about Innegra?
Surfers/Shapers report that Innegra manufactured surfboards takes the chop out the wave combining the impact resistance of epoxy surfboards with the softness of polyurethane boards. Making Innegra boards light, extremely responsive and retaining the pop life (the new board feel) longer. 

Innegra allows board manufactures to produce incredibly tough boards, with unique flex characteristics, and best of all is the fact it is lighter than glass or resin and even lighter than carbon or Kevlar.


  • High impact resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Increases deck strength
  • Enhanced wet out ability with resin
  • Excellent U.V stability
  • Doesn’t embrittle under high speed impact
  • Ultra tough in tension, shear, and compression
  • High tensile modulus, tenacity, and dimensional stability
  • Reduces weight (at equal composite stiffness)
  • Amazing strength-to-weight ratio
  • Prevents paddlestrike dings and rail cancer 

Common Construction Methods:
(Please note: Innegra should allow to have a layer of glass ontop, as this will prevent any raising of the cloth if sand throughs occur).

  • EPS Stringerless Short Board: 2Oz Innegra + 4Oz Deck / 2Oz Innegra + 2Oz Bottom
  • PU Short Board: 2Oz Innegra + 2Oz Deck / 4Oz Bottom
  • EPS Stand Up Paddle Boards: 2Oz Innegra + 6Oz + 4Oz Deck / 2Oz Innegra + 6Oz Bottom

Here is a little clip of a small truck running over a board made out of Innegra and it springs straight back into SHAPE!